Monday, June 26, 2006

My Wish List

Make 2007 the healing year. The goal is to use our resources, experience and knowledge to help people to heal themselves on their own terms.

I would like to see more billionaires or millionaires like:

I would like to see rich countries being more proactive by sending aid to third world countries.

I would like to see people making donations which would help children in underdeveloped countries have at least one good meal a day in their schools.

I would like to see single teenage mothers having the support to learn a skill that will allow them to have an income.

I would like to see peasants in underdeveloped countries receive donations of seeds that they can plant in different seasons of the year in order to put products on their tables.

To provide one well in each small village where previously people had to walk some distance to get water.

I would like to see medical staff visiting underdeveloped countries at least once a year to provide services (such as hip replacemets, eye surgery) that are not available to marginalized seniors.
I would like to see the salaries of CEOs reduced to reasonable levels, and all that surplus money to be distributed among the people who really need it in our society.

I would like to see people electing political leaders who can implement justice for everybody in the world.

I have already been granted many wishes. There are several people in Canadian history who have helped me achieve my wishes, for example:
  • PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU. In 1982, he proclaimed Canada's new Constitution, along with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, something that allowed me later to have the opportunity to live in Canada. Many people love him, many don’t. In my case I respect a guy who had the vision to create a system that allow many immigrants around the globe to come here and live in peace addressing our differences as part of the Canadian culture.'
  • TOMMY DOUGLAS. Maybe many Canadian don’t know who this man was; he was the man who overcame so many obstacles in order to give every single Canadian, like myself, universal Medicare (such as OHIP in Ontario). Of course in the politic arena he paid a price. I respect this extraordinary man.

  • WILLIAM LYON MACKENZIE, a man, yes the man who opened my eyes and reminded me that to live in a new country doesn’t mean to forget to still fight for more justice for everybody. I love the Scottish people!

I would like to see every one of us contribute even in a small way to make this world a better place for everyone